Two Cupole Lum Sconces

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Cupole Lum is inspired by the traditional illuminations used during the celebration of the Italian patronal festivals. This original, handmade sconce is the perfect melting of different colors and materials: wood and ceramic mingle together giving birth to a drawing that reminds us of the shape of the traditional lights groundbrakingly and modernly reinterpreted. This deal consists of two sconces for a greater lighting effect.


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two sconces cupole lum


Material: Wood, ceramic

Technicals: Fusion of lights and ceramics, staining with green varinsh and reagents.

Dimensions for each sconce: H 60cm x L 60cm x DP 30cm

Production: only 1 available

maioliche pugliese

Maioliche Pugliese

Vito Pugliese opened his atelier in 2002, he was only 21 at the time, and since then he has devoted himself to the world of ceramic.

His works are unique, hand decorated items: collectible plates, furnishing, chandeliers, all entirely handcrafted.

The tradition of Apulian ceramic, the ancient art of hand craftsmanship and the innovative vision of this young artisan mark all his works.

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