Minareto Plates Collection - 6 Pieces Wall Plates

VAT included (where applicable)
This collection of hand-made ceramics brings to life the details of the historic Villa Damaso Bianchi building, known as the Minaret, located in the Selva of Fasano. Vases that become a three-dimensional representation of the floor geometries, made of ceramic or oxidized copper, to convey the passing of time which transforms history and matter. The designs of the balustrades and ornaments become decorative motifs on bowls, plates and glazed ceramic tiles.

All plates can be hung on the wall, or used at the table and washed in the dishwasher.

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Materials: ceramic

Technical: glazed ceramic decorated with decals

Dimensions: 6 pieces wall plates (3 pcs 18 cm diameter + 3 pcs 12 cm diameter).

Production: 3 weeks

Valentina De Carolis

Valentina De Carolis carries on her passion for ceramics by designing products that are crafted through the collaboration of different artisans. They are table and kitchen accessories, vases, lamps and furnishing items. In her pieces, different materials such as stone, ceramic and metals are mixed, to create contrasts that are both visual and material. Constantly pursuing an expressive language capable of storytelling and of conveying emotions, without sacrificing functionality.