Lemon Table

VAT included (where applicable)
A mix of yellow and green to tell the story of Southern Italy starting with one of its symbolic plants: the lemon. You can almost smell it looking at the delicate hand-made designs on the ceramic of this outdoor table. Made of volcanic stone with cast iron support, it is a piece of furniture from the tradition of Italian craftsmanship with connections that give it a peculiar and original character.
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Material: support in majolica volcanic stone, subsequently decorated by hand, cracked effect obtained after firing

Technicals: Hand decorated, crackle effect.

Dimensions: D 70cm x H75cm

Production: weeks

maioliche pugliese

Maioliche Pugliese

Vito Pugliese opened his atelier in 2002, he was only 21 at the time, and since then he has devoted himself to the world of ceramic.

His works are unique, hand decorated items: collectible plates, furnishing, chandeliers, all entirely handcrafted.

The tradition of Apulian ceramic, the ancient art of hand craftsmanship and the innovative vision of this young artisan mark all his works.