Fatna Poncho

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Poncho dress with original subject, in Sicilian style, painted in watercolor and finished with Sicilian trimmings. The painting is printed on the fabric. This dress is made with a handmade pattern then cut on the fabric, sewn and finished by hand. The subject of the painting is inspired by the Sicilian Moor's Heads. Through the watercolor painting, typical of the artistic tradition of Sicily, I created "Fatna". The choice of trimmings led to the dominant colors of the painting in order to match them perfectly. One size.
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Materials: Viscose knit (95% viscose 5% elastane)

Size: one-size

Atelier Amelia Alessia Cristaldi

Pattern maker, seamstress, in love with her Sicily, personalizes her hand-made garments with prints taken from her watercolors.
Amelia Alessia Cristaldi took her first steps in the handmade world in 2001 after graduating in Architecture. She specializes in modeling that allows her to give shape to the clothes she has been designing since she was a child. In 2016 she created the first collection of handmade dresses for women and girls where she displays all her skills: sewing, modeling and painting. It is precisely from the way of painting the fashion sketches that the subjects inspired by Sicily are born: a reinterpretation of the shapes and colors typical of the Sicilian tradition.

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