Damigiana Lamp

This lamp is made from original demijohns, typically used as wine containers. The LED lighting elements are harmoniously inserted in this traditional context, giving a modern touch and elegance that suits any environment. The lamp can be used to illuminate both external and internal corners of the houses or it can be hung from the ceiling becoming an original chandelier. Available in two colors, green or white, and in different sizes.
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Materials: Glass, Copper, Olive wood

Dimensions: H 35cm x L 18cm x D 18cm

Production: 1 week


Antonio Edison Petrosillo, has been devoted to carving and building small furniture since he was a boy.

After graduating, he decided to transform his passion into a career by creating his own brand: Ledison. By combining creativity and the innovation of original technical solutions, Edison imagines and studies many customized solutions according to the various environments he has to bring lighting to.

His creations are completely handmade and can be tailored to all types of contexts, mingling aesthetics with technical needs.